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Was held on Saturday September 10th, 2011 @


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The Puzzle Pursuit charity event benefits

In your work for the gossip rag "The Daily Weekly Procrastinator" you've gotten tips on celebrity breakups, alien babies, and even the ghost of Ryan Seacrest (wait, isn't he still alive?) but inevitably you would jot down notes and drop them into your Look into tomorrow file where they would get forgotten. But there was something different about this latest tip. Elvis, dragons, and aliens! The tri-fecta of stories all rolled into one. Grabbing your hat and notebook you head out the door, unaware of the mess you're about to get yourself into.

What is Puzzle Pursuit?
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What is Puzzle Pursuit?

A hole punch, two paper-clips, a piece of foil, and a gallon of water. Useless objects? Not if you’re participating in Outdoor Outreach’s third annual Puzzle Pursuit. Last year players chased the devious Fugitive, but this year’s race will lead you through LEGOLAND® California, searching in lost temples, battling dragons, and puzzling your way through an amazing day of unforgettable fun and surprises.

Raising money to directly benefit the hundreds of at-risk and underprivileged youth that Outdoor Outreach serves has never been so fun and so intriguing. Part Amazing Race and part Sherlock Holmes, Puzzle Pursuit will encourage out-of-the-box thinking as your team (reporters for the Daily Procrastinator) follows leads and tries to uncover the mysterious story sure to make headlines. Whether you’re a first time puzzler or a seasoned solver we know you’ll enjoy this unique event.

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